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Stimming is not just a coping mechanism


I see this defense of stimming a lot:

  • It’s wrong to train autistic people not to stim
  • They use it to compensate for overload
  • Or to focus
  • Or to compensate for other problems
  • Or to express distress

All of this is true. But it also misses the point. Stimming isn’t just a coping mechanism. It’s much more than that. Stimming is a positive part of autistic experience, not an unfortunate-but-functionally-important thing we have to do.

Imagine if facial expressions and tones of voice were considered wrong, and someone defended them this way:

  • It is wrong to teach children to adopt a flat affect
  • Children need to be able to frown
  • Children need to be able to indicate through the tone of their voice that something is wrong
  • Children need to be able to cry. That’s a way of coping with pain and overload

All of those things are true. But if that’s all defenders of tone and facial expression said, it would be horribly misleading. Body language and tones are more than that, and they are good.

Stimming is like that too.

  • Stimming is not just necessary. It is also natural, and good
  • Flapping in response to a nice texture is not fundamentally different from smiling in response to the smell of a flower
  • Rocking in response to someone saying something offensive is not fundamentally different from frowning in response to a slur
  • It is ok for autistic people to have autistic body language

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i actually feel properly good and energised and confident today

like challenged but i know what i’m doing and what i want to do

and it has been so long since i felt like that that it feels strange

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bdsm isn’t Radical

it’s just fun and when done right it isn’t UnRadical either

but don’t kid yrself and think it’s radical by itself by default

it’s not

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basic url peeking privacy


ive been fucked over by this and i was basically forcefully outed to my family because they kept staring at my screen and because i want yall safe and i dont want any of you to experience this consider these two easy safety measures if you have family/friends nearby with the potential to just downright stare at your screen:

  1. ponify your url - doesnt have to be the actual ponify extension, just download a random word replacer from the google store and replace your url to something like ((ME)) or <MYURL>
  2. use the omnibox - the omnibox is a default-turned-off feature in chrome that cuts down the url in your taskbar just to its root, so if youre afraid someone would read up on your url from staring at the taskbar since ponify wouldnt help that consider turning on the omnibox
    go to chrome://flags and search for omnibox and then choose whatever settings fit you. its a little hard to get used to at first but i managed to get used to it under a month

thats it! even if you dont have any privacy issues please consider boosting this so a potential person out there could be saved from the shit i went through

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my dissertation is going to be a fucking beast though

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wow i had an unambiguously good day today

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the contents of my bag ie. apex lgbtq uni cliche

the contents of my bag ie. apex lgbtq uni cliche

'are lesbians women'

gods save me from cis women in trans academia

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my bag is full of stray condoms jesus

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