burned down their hanging trees

~aspiring pagan god~

"people are looking at you like they're trying to work out what post apocalyptic graphic novel you're from"

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i found a really lovely poison locket ring but it is a size 6 and my litle finger is a 7

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"You are not a weapon. You are a child. You are my child…"

My latest X-23 commission by Humberto Ramos.

People tend to forget that underneath the emotionless killing machine that is X-23, is a girl that just wants to be normal, but doesn’t know how.

Her time with the New X-Men, she was about as close as possible for any X-Man to be. She was actually going to school with other kids her own age for a short time.

My hat goes off to Ramos, who knocked my request out of the park, capturing the moment beautifully. 

my least favourite thing in shows is when i have to watch my faves be friends with characters i hate because they have no idea about how terrible they are

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well today i woke up with an awful headache and a healthy dose of dysphoria 

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if im following someone that has abused you please tell me

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kill the idea that openly caring characters are boring

set on fire the line of thought that dictates that altruism is a bad thing and that selfishness/sassiness is an inherently more appealing and ‘intricate’ quality than an affectionate nature

smash and bury the concept of the false equivalency between angst and complexity

kindness and empathy are not synonyms for “blandness” and “lack of personality”

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imagine your icon has suddenly, inexplicably, become your legal guardian

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aries - destroya
taurus - save yourself, i’ll hold them back
gemini - party poison
cancer - dead!
leo - welcome to the black parade
virgo - i’m not okay
libra - bulletproof heart
scorpio - mama / helena
sagittarius - i don’t love you
capricorn - disenchanted
aquarius - famous last words
pisces - early sunsets over monroeville

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right so

after the events of past few days, after i’m settled in at my house, i’m officially estranging myself from my dad

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